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About Us

Established since 1996, Camranh Seafoods - a private-owened enterprise - engaging the intergrated processing. selling and trading of frozen and dried seafoods and agoro - products. Located by a seaside and in a large fishery area of Camranh bay, the most beautiful and rich seafood coast of Vietnam, where there are hundreds of hectare of shrimp farm, Camranh Seafoods produce and process various kinds of Shrimp products which are from a sustainable environmental source with full traceability controls, Frozen fish, Squid, Cuttlefish, Octopus and Bivable mollucs which have been exported to USA, EU countries, Middle east as well as Japan Taiwan, Korea, Russia.


Name of the company:


EU code (since/year): DL207 / HK212
Fields of activities: Processing sea products, agricultural products….
Address: * Frozen Seafoods Factory: 1A National Road, Camthinhdong, Camranh, Khanhhoa, Vietnam
* Dried Products Factory: 60 Nguyen Thai Hoc St., Camranh , Khanhhoa, Vietnam
Phone / fax / e-mail: Tel: 84 58 3865 129 / 3865 141/ 3865 142
Fax: 84 58 3865 143 / 3854 028
Established year: 1995
Private Own/ State own Private Own
Registered capital: 17,700,000,000 VND
Annual turnover: About 15,000,000 USD
Name of Managing Director: Mr. Vo Ngoc Hiep
Name of export department: Ms. Nguyen Thi Hong Phuong
Name of quality control Mr. Ngo Van Minh
Name of laboratory Chief: Mr. Ngo Van Minh
Name of microbiologic Chief: Mr. Ngo Van Minh
Quality control System: HACCP / BRC
Quality standard: EU 98/83/EC, 91/492/EC, 91/493/EC, 28TCN-Vietnamese Standard, America, Korea.